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Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

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The holidays are pretty stressful themselves.  Add shopping on top of that...and sometimes you have the perfect storm.  Double whammy. 

So not only are you having to deal with [maybe] a little drama here and there and the possibilty of stuffing your gut to the max [forget that diet you were on!]--you're also wanting to buy and bring the best gifts [but not everyone can be a Wise Man, right?]. 

And chance are, you're not having to gift the royal baby [thank the ever loving gods].  So sit back, take a breath--and read over these little tips that will help keep your hair on your head...and not pulled out in clumps...


1.  Make a list.  Now who's the rocket science braniac behind this idea?!  Sarcasm aside...many people don't do this.  And that's precisely how they end up going over budget.  Shame, shame.  So make one.  And stick to it, dagnabbit!!  Write down ideas of what you want to give each person and the max you want to spend.  Don't forget to include those who will receive holiday tips [hairdresser, babysitter, etc.].

2.  Do Online Research.  Another 'duhhh' thing here.  But read those reputable online reviews.  They honestly can help you narrow down to a specific product.  And use the Coupons & Codes section of this Black Friday page for extra discounts.  Want reliable reviews and testing results?  Head to one of my favorite groups:  Consumer Reports [because I'm nerdy like that...and you should be too.]

3.  Cost-Free Shipping.  Again...this Black Friday section on the station site is here for you to use.  Go ahead--take advantage of it.  Seriously--I didn't put time into this for nothing!  So check out the Coupons section I was just telling you about.  CouponCactus, PriceBlink, CouponSherpa, and RetailMeNot all hook you up with the stores offering free shipping.  USE IT!  You'll be happier--closer to nirvana.  Ahhh, life's great.  And so is free shipping.

4.  DIY.  Let the crazies duke it out at all the stores on Black Friday.  And Thanksgiving.  And Cyber Monday.  Ok, well that's an online thing but still.  Will it ever stop??  Nope.  But if you want to stay away from it all--do things yourself.  Learn to be crafty.  It's not that hard.  At least make an effort to have those types of skills.  Like baking cookies...sewing personalized tote bags...making jewelry.  Give it a shot.  Then give them out.  You save money and have fun in the process.  Welll, as long as you don't burn or stab yourself in the mean time.  :]