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Online Holiday Scams: What To Look Out For

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You know how it goes...scams are everywhere.  And they basically explode all over the place during the holidays.  Everyone's out to make a buck--but some take it to a whole different level--and just straight up take your money.   A little trickery is all it takes sometimes.

Here are some of the top scams you need to watch out for this time of the year:


1.  Those "free" $1,000 retail store gift card text messages.  Like the ones that claim to be from Best Buy.  They actually aren't!!!  Whether they claim to be from Target, Walmart, or where ever--they aren't legit.  They ask for you to enter a code via text.  Just don't do it.  It's fake so delete them.  

2.  Fake leaked Black Friday ads.  Yep, they exist.  Some people must not have anything else to do with their time.  The fakes will typically offer downloadable coupons.  And believe's all part of a phishing scam.  You know--so they can get a grasp on more of your personal info--send you tons of spam and possibly viruses.  Don't fall for those so-called 'coupons'!!

3.  Wanna-be videos and eCards.  A lot of the times, these are sent to you via Twitter or other social media networks.  Don't even bother opening them.  They may contain viruses or malware that will take over your computer--or straight upsteal your personal info, all in the name of identity theft.

4.  Prompts to install "Internet Security Suites".  Don't even think about it.  Step away.  From the prompt.  These are fake anti-virus notifications that will install a virus if you try to download it.


Now you know.  So don't say I didn't warn you.  :]