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Black Friday Know-How

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Git 'er dun...and git 'er dun right!!!  Ok, so maybe I'm biased but I love Consumer Reports.  So much that the word 'love' deserves to be italicized.  They break down the good, the bad, the ugly...and the what-you-should-do's.  Sometimes their tips are a little obvious but gosh darn it, they're always nice little reminders.  They broke down the top 10 Black Friday shopping tips [heed their words, especially if you're a BF newbie]...


1.  Be Prepared.  Study the Black Friday Leaked Ads I post on the station site.


2.  Shop Online First.  It's always worth a click or two to find out if the retailer is offering the same product, for less, on its website.


3.  Sign up for Email Alerts.  You'll find out about upcoming promotions, receive coupons, given heads up about discounts.


4.  Use Social Media.  One last stop before you commit to buy: check out the store's Facebook and Twitter accounts!  Usually, there are lots of other extra discounts/codes posted on there--for those who "like" or "follow" their pages.


5.  Get Appy.  Yep, tap that app!  I have posted a list of some of the best ones you'll want during the BF madness--one that pinpoints where you shop, another that navigates you through a mall to stores and restroom, and can't forget the price comparison one.


6.  Create a Budget.  And stick to it, for crying out loud.  Impulse buying is what will put you in debt.


7.  Price-Match & Return Policies.  It's always worth asking if the store will price match an item that you found cheaper somewhere else.  You may be not guaranteed to get it, but hey--one simple question could have you saving more in the end.  Sometimes Black Friday Specials return policies differ from the retailer's typical policy--so double check those.


8.  Check the Warranty.  Black Friday items may have altered warranties so double check before you buy.


9.  Buy What You Want, Avoid Expensive Accessories.  Need I say more?  All those extras add up.


10.  Avoid Bait-And-Switch.  Buying solely on price?  Then stick with it because some retailers may try to push you to buy a more expensive model or brand.  Don't give in!