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While the rest of the stores are gearing up for the Black Friday Apocalypse, Overstock is looking a few days ahead and prepping for Cyber Monday.  That's the shopping day for people who didn't want to get off their duff for the BF madness [I'm one of those].  It's all online.  I mean, why leave and risk being trampled at retail stores when most of the same deals are offered on their sites?! Beats the heck out of me.  I love a challenge but I'll leave the BF one to anyone else but me.

So I'm going to begin posting Cyber Monday deals for you...and for me.  Might as well get a head start.  And yes, even though you may not be roughing the public--you still need to make a list of things to buy.  And don't deviate.  Ok, maybe you can just a little...but don't get mad at me if you go overboard.  This is what Overstock has going on...

Overstock's Early Cyber Monday Deals