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New Falcons Stadium neighbors want promises kept

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The $1.2B new Falcons Stadium that's set to be built near the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods is a stark contrast to the dilapidated homes nearby.

Vine City resident Carrie Salvary said that her neighbors have many concerns and unmet needs.

"There have been improvements in the neighborhood over the years but there has not been enough investment on the part of the city and the private sector. I frankly don't believe the Arthur Blank Foundation is making sufficient investment and I believe the Atlanta Falcons should be making an investment that they're not making," Salvary said.

Councilman Michael Bond showed documents to CBS Atlanta that show the city has invested about $42M into the areas since 1989, but could not tell us where the money went.

A former Vine City small business owner named Muhammad said he and his family kept waiting for development that never came.

"Everybody had high hopes back in the day when the dome first came that the property was going to blossom, the area was going to be thriving because we know that small businesses is the lifeline for America," Muhummad said.

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