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Online Shopping Safety

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You can go crazy buying things online--but you also need to go about it the smart way.  As in, being safe as you surf and buy...


1.  Always buy from a secure and trusted site.  Make sure the URL contains HTTPS.  The "S" stands for "secure"


2.  URL's in email?  Don't click on them, as most will be scams.  Like your momma used to say--if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.


3.  Use different passwords when creating online accounts with stores [typically this is done during checkout if you don't already have an account open].  This will make it harder for hackers to find a pattern and have access to all your personal info.


4.  Use antivirus software that's up-to-date.  Duhhhh.


5.  Using an old version of your browser?  Get the latest one because most offer pop-up protection, preventing you from accidentally clicking on a scam.


6.  Use a credit card instead of a debit card.   You've heard me say this on air several times.  Why?  Because a credit card is easier to dispute if there are charges on it that you didn't cards typically set limits...offer identity theft protection...and aren't linked directly to your bank account.