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EXCLUSIVE: Mother of alleged 9-year-old rape victim speaks

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The mother of a 9-year-old who alleged her Taekwondo teacher sexually abused her said the jury got it wrong when they found Adrian Spellen not guilty of one of three charges and could not reach a unanimous decision.

We will call her Mrs. Smith to protect her child's identity.

"I think I'm more shocked than anything else because we were so sure it would come back guilty," said Smith.

Smith said telling her daughter Spellen got off was even tougher.

"Her eyes filled up with tears. The first thing she said was, 'So he gets to go free and do this to somebody else?'"

Her now 11-year-old daughter was 9 when she told her mom that Master Spellen did something to her.

"For a 9-year-old using 9-year-old language to describe a man putting his private part and digging it into hers, that's not something that a child can just make up and create off the top of her head," said Smith.

Her daughter testified in court during both trials.

Spellen's first trial ended with a mistrial and this latest one ended with a mistrial and a not guilty verdict on one of the three charges.

Spellen maintains the child made it all up. Smith said her child would not lie about something like that.

"When she told me, I explained to her that he will get into a lot of trouble. If she were lying she would have changed her story right then because she cared about him," said Smith. "She wouldn't want him to get into trouble."

Because of this situation, Smith wants other parents to beware.

"Look up information on the profile of a child molester. The little things they do like making up nicknames, saying 'you're my favorite,' wanting to give one-on-one special attention, things like that. As a mother, I'm looking at that like my daughter is so good. But look out for signs like that," Smith said.

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