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Holiday season's hottest items sold out, which could lead to scams

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We're still a week away from the holiday shopping craze, but two of the season's hottest and priciest items are already sold out everywhere.

Stores have no more of the Sony PlayStation Four and Microsoft's XBox One. And the companies likely won't release a second batch until after the holidays.

Both gaming devices cost under just under $500. The PlayStation retails at $399. The Xbox for $499.

But people who were able to get their hands on them now are re-selling the devices at much higher prices and taking advantage of you. Websites like Craigslist and E-bay are filled with the re-sale listings, most for up to double the price of each device and even more. 

That's if it's even the real deal, as Georgia Tech professor and cyber crime expert Marius Niculescu pointed out. Niculescu said EBay protects buyers, but on Craigslist you buy at your own risk. "For example, you can find a PlayStation all wrapped up and if you don't open it up you might realize when you get home that it's actually something completely different in that box."

He also stressed that Craigslist transactions are mostly face-to-face. "So in that sense, all the buyers, and the sellers as well, have to be careful that they take precautions for their own safety when they meet with the other parties to engage in a transaction."

One thing you can keep in mind when using Craigslist is that third-party escrow services exist and will hold your money until you confirm you received your item, then release the money to the seller. 

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