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Calm response heard in Newtown 911 calls

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Recordings of 911 calls from the Newtown school shooting were released to the public on Wednesday afternoon.

The release comes after a fight for nearly a year to keep them private.

As the 911 calls were made, the panicked callers were urged by calm dispatchers to take cover and also asked about the safety of the children inside the school.

"Sandy Hook School. I think there's somebody shooting in here," one woman said in a call.

The dispatcher, remaining calm, asked her what made her think there was someone shooting.

"Because somebody has a gun," she said. "I caught a glimpse of somebody. They're running down the hallway."

The school's custodian also called 911 when gunfire erupted.

"I believe they're shooting at the front glass. Something's going on," he said.

The dispatcher asked him to stay on the line, asked where he was inside Sandy Hook and told him to take cover. "Get everybody you can going down there," the dispatcher relayed to police.

The dispatcher again asked the custodian what made him think there was someone with a gun.

"The front glass is all shot out," he said. "It kept going on. And it's still happening."

As the dramatic call continued, the dispatcher continued to ask questions until the custodian said, "I keep hearing shooting. I keep hearing popping."

In another call, a teacher who was shot in the foot was heard relaying information about what she saw and heard. She told dispatchers she was shot and her door was unlocked. When the dispatcher asked if she or someone in the room with her could safely lock the door.

"No," she replied. "There's children in this room, too."

The dispatcher told her to apply pressure to her wound and assured her that help was on the way.

When the calls were released, Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra released a statement and said, "My plea is for the media to treat us kindly. To recognize that there is great personal pain in this event and little public good to be garnered through the general release."

On Dec. 14, 2012 a man shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and six adults before killing himself.

"Imagine yourself as a parent of a child who was killed, or a family member of one of the six educators," Llodra said. "Imagine yourself as a teacher or staff member in that building desperate to save the lives of children. Imagine you are the parent of a child who was able to escape. Then ask yourself, media person, what is the public good and how do I balance that against the hurt?"

A judge ordered the release of the calls despite numerous requests to keep them private.

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