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South Fulton homeowners on edge after burglary turns deadly

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Some people who live in the Amhurst subdivision in south Fulton County believe a burglary crew has set up shop in their neighborhood.

Tom, who lives in the area and didn't want to use his last name because he's concerned about his safety, said about a week ago, he and a buddy unknowingly approached the loitering teens and asked them to move away from his home.

"So as they got up and left their other buddy, who was five houses down, he had something in his hand but he didn't stop to talk to us, he cut through the little alleyway there and left," said Tom.  

Tom said a couple of days later, he figured out what was going on.

"They were going around to people's homes and cutting the electrical units that are attached to the alarm system so that your alarm sounds in the house but not to a notification center," Tom said.

Curtis, who also didn't want to give his name, said he found out his wires were cut when his daughter accidentally set off the alarm one morning.

"Nobody called after five or 10 minutes so we called them and they said they didn't get a signal," Curtis said.

Neighbors said five homes were hit, including Troy Weekley's.

"There was a box that used to be placed against my home, but it is gone. You can even see where the wires have been snipped," said Weekley.

Saturday night Pamela Williams, who lives nearby, was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery.

Tom said it is a wake-up call for everyone.

"You want to get to know your neighbors, you want to have that eye out approach. Anyone you don't recognize, keep an eye on them," Tom said.

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