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Inexpensive Gifts for Teachers

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One person you should thank during the holidays is your child's teacher.  And yes, you can do it without spending a lot [or anything at all]!  Here are a few ideas...


*Personalized paper products, like notecards or Post-Its.  You can even personalize a little stationery pad using stamps you already have.

*Get with other parents and go in together on a gift card for food, coffee, or school supplies as a class gift.  For gift cards up to 35% off, click here.

*Let the teacher's boss read your praise.  Send a letter to the principal, CC the Superintendent, and send a copy of it in a card to the teacher.

*And who doesn't love a simple "thank you."  Handwrite a note thanking them for all they've done.  You can have your child do the same :]


Because yes, that little bit of appreciation goes a mighty long way!