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Tipping...How Much

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Hopefully you already have your holiday budget set--and if you haven't...well, your days are numbered! You may want to consider setting some aside for tipping, for the people you just couldn't live without. Babysitter. Dog walker. Hair stylist. You catch my drift.

It's not an obligation but something to really lean toward.  After all, it's the appreciation and acknowledgment that counts!

If you're able to kick a lil sumpin' sump in' their way, financial experts suggest these guidelines:


*Babysitter, nanny, au pair -- one week's pay

*Dog walker -- up to one week's pay

*Hair stylist or barber -- cost of one session

*Housekeeper -- up to one week's pay

*Personal trainer -- cost of one session

*Mail carrier or package delivery -- small gift $20 value [USPS doesn't allow workers to accept cash]

*Doorman of residential building -- $20-$100

*Trash and recycling collectors -- $10-$30 each

*Teacher -- small gift, help in the classroom, or handwritten thank you

*Restaurant service -- at least 20% [that's the 'norm' these days]