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Former UGA professor publishes discovery of genetic link between humans, pigs

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Former UGA professor and geneticist Dr. Gene McCarthy believes humans have another distant cousin besides the chimpanzee: the pig. McCarthy published his findings on his website,, after nearly 30 years of research on the matter.

His theory asserts that a pig and a chimp once mated, creating a hybrid that continued mating with chimps, passing down features of the pig. Those features, combined with features of the chimp, ultimately led to the birth of the human race, said McCarthy.

"It's hard to see how that could happen without hybridization," he said. "I know it sounds very strange. But if you look at all the characteristics that distinguish us from chimpanzees, then you see all those traits are traits that pig have."

McCarthy said he has heard from people all over the world in regard to his findings, and has had a few offers to try the hypothesis in a practical setting. To that, McCarthy has declined, saying he has no desire to see a chimp and pig mated in a present-day circumstance.

"It's like Frankenstein really, where you're creating this creature that has no place in the world. A monster, that might be intelligent and have feelings, and it would be very unhappy. I have an ethical unease about that."

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