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Kids' Gifts Under $10

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As if kids weren't already expensive enough...the holiday season makes you spend just a liiiittle bit more.  Sometimes a lot more.  But that's where I come in.  Hunting down ideas on what to get--and getting it on the cheap.

Here are a few presents that kids will love that will cost well under 10 smack-a-roo's:


*Legos - Yes, there are inexpensive mini sets out there.  No need to buy them the entire Star Wars collection.

*Temporary Tattoos - Didn't you love these as a kid?? Who didn't! Well guess what--your kid will love them just as much. It makes them feel like a rebel--or shall I adult!

*Pack of Cards - I can't tell you how long my niece and I sat there playing with a deck over the weekend.  Granted, she's not even two yet; but loved tossing them around and saying the numbers.  As for the older ones, take it old school style with Go Fish or Old Maid.

*Handmade Coupon Book - Where they can 'redeem' the coupon for something like extra tiem on the computer, a trip to the movies or local park...and how about a day when you do their chores!

*Surprise Tissue Box - First, take a handful of one dollar bills [five or more] and carefully tape them end to end, using little pieces of tape.  Roll up what you have and tuck it into an empty tissue box, letting the last bill stick out like a tissue.  Whaaalahhh!  It's like never ending money when they pull it out of the box :]