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Recipe: Papa's Pot Roast

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Mmmm I love red meat.  Mark sent in this tasty looking pot roast recipe.  Get ready for your mouth to water and tummy to grumble!



*1, 3-4lb Pot Roast
*2, Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup [important: do NOT add water!!]
*1, Packet Lipton's California Onion or French Onion Soup



*Sear the pot roast in a hot frying pan with oil, 5 minutes on each side, until it's nicely browned
*Place in slow cooker [aka Crock Pot or similar]
*Pour Cream of Mushroom & dry soup all around
*Cook 8-10 hours
*Skim off the fat [which makes great gravy...]
*Serve with carrots, green beans, and mashed potatoes with the gravy
*Incredible leftovers afterwards!!!  :]