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Two people arrested and charged with scamming elderly man

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People who live in one Peachtree City neighborhood said they are shocked and sad about what happened to their elderly neighbor.

Police said 51-year-old Erika Porter and 55-year-old William Porter exploited the elderly homeowner and then ripped him off.

"Those two have no conscious," said Tim Baker, who lives in the neighborhood.

Investigators said the Porters had their eyes on the alleged victim's home and possessions.

"The offenders listed in this case convinced an elderly person to sign a lease agreement for their residence, and once they signed the lease, they committed the act of burglary by selling some of the victim's items," said Lt. Mark Brown, with the Peachtree City Police Department.

Police said the victim was living in an assisted living facility at the time and they said it is clear he was in no condition to agree a lease.

"Investigators determined that when signing that lease, a reasonable person could determine that the victim wasn't in any condition to make those contractual obligations for obvious reasons," Brown said.

"That's horrible. That is as low as it gets. We noticed somebody had moved in to the man's home and we wondered what was going on because we knew he had been living away for a while. I heard he didn't plan to sell the house," said Baker.

Police said some alert neighbors helped break open the case.

"I am really happy the community helped us out and the neighbors didn't step back. They stood up and said we are not going to stand for this," said Brown.

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