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Coyote sightings on the rise

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Imagine seeing a coyote in your suburban community. It's happening more and more for some living in Sandy Springs.

So, they teamed up with their neighbors and animal experts to figure out how to deal with the predator.

One thing wildlife biologists from the State Department of Natural Resources pointed out is that it is not unusual to see a coyote during the day. Biologist Don McGowan also said your neighbor's dog is more likely to bite you than a coyote.

They've become so used to humans, they're no longer afraid of us. 

McGowan said it's your pets you need to watch out for because coyotes can, and do, prey on them, especially cats. "They're fair game. Cats themselves do a lot of wildlife killing when they're outside. So once they're outside they're part of the food chain. So coyotes being the opportunistic predators that they are, they will go after cats." He said small dogs are vulnerable, especially those weighing 20 pounds or less.

Some tips from the state experts to help keep coyotes away from you and your pets include bringing pets indoors at night, install fencing and motion-activated lights if you do keep pets outdoors. Clean and store grills when not in use. Keep pet food indoors or feed them inside. And, keep trash can lids closed securely.

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