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Mother, 3 daughters homeless after house fire

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It has been a difficult time of year for the Bogle family. They spent Thanksgiving in a hotel room, and Christmas will be no different.

On Nov. 18, a fire gutted their Tucker home. The family lost everything.

"It is the hardest thing I have ever done," Tiffany Bogle said. Bogle said she had just left the house when a short time later she got a call from a 911 operator that her home was on fire.

According to Bogle's daughter, Donesha Bogle, a circuit popped, shooting sparks onto a mattress that started fire.

"I could see this glow coming from out of my room," Donesha Bogle said. "And when I opened the door I could see the fire. That is when I grabbed things and started to try and pour water out of the bowl to put the fire out, but it wasn't going out."

Donesha Bogle said she told her 9-year-old sister to get out of the house while she grabbed the queen mattress and drug it through the hallway out of the home.

"I tried to pull the mattress out of the house. But, didn't get it as far as I could and I had to let it go," Donesha Bogle said.

The heat from the mattress was too much and the winds from outside fanned the flames, catching the rest of the home on fire.

Tiffany Bogle said they have been staying at a local hotel since the fire started but were told they must be out by Dec. 31.

"My insurance company said that I should have been able to find a place by now," Tiffany Bogle said. "The obstacle is money. I am not finding things within my price range, or it is way out of the district on the other side of town."

Tiffany Bogle said she wants to keep her youngest daughter at Livsey Elementary School and her middle daughter at Tucker High School.

"They have been through so much, I don't want them to be displaced even more," Tiffany Bogle said.

The family lost everything in the fire. All of the food, clothes and dishes they used in their hotel were donated.

The family set up an account at Wells Fargo called the Bogle Family House Fire Recovery Fund.

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