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Huge bonus keeps Kennesaw company's staff around for years

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If you ever thought you have the best boss, or that you are the best boss, this might change your mind.

The owners of the Kennesaw Transportation Inc. just gave 36 of its big-rig drivers $10,000 each.

That's a total $360,000 just this year, and it's not even their Christmas bonus.

They give the bonus to employees who reach a five-year milestone working at the company.  The idea is to promote longevity in a difficult industry.

Jim Brown and his wife Phoebe received the $10,000 check yet again after more than 30 years each at the company.

"We put it in the bank. We don't have time to spend it." Mrs. Brown said.

Mr. Brown added, "We're goin' all the time."

Kelley Jones is director of recruiting at Kennesaw Transportation. She explained, "This is a tough business for them to be on the road. To retain the drivers, it gives them a goal. It's also a great selling point when you're hiring new people."

The "loyalty" bonus is given each Christmas. But all of the company's employees get a Christmas bonus each year of $200 for every year they work there, up to $2,000.

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