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Winter weather slows down morning commute, is your car ready?

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Here in Atlanta winters aren't as bad as they can be in other places, but they can still do a number on your car.

"If a car does have any weakness, it will show up on a nice cold day," said Charles McCrary, the owner of Barron Garage in Midtown.

Often those weaknesses could mean a door or lock frozen shut, or a battery that has just given up.

According to McCrary, some of the home remedies many use to solve several winter car troubles can be more harmful than good.

Some people use warm water to try and melt the ice on their windshields, McCrary advises against that.

"You do not want to pour water on there because it could make it worse or if you pour hot water on there it could actually damage the glass," said McCrary.

Instead, he says, an ice scraper or even a hair dryer is a better option.

The hair dryer can pull double duty on a cold morning by helping you get your frozen door un-jammed.

Like many things, preparation prior to poor weather can save you time, energy, and potentially a little cash.

One tip McCrary offers is applying a little silicon spray to the weather stripping around the door jam.

"It does a pretty good job," said McCrary, "it's like waxing your car; it makes it slick and where ice and debris will not stick to it."

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