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Home burglarized, neighbors may hold key to suspect ID, police refuse DNA evidence

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Returning home to find her car missing and your house ransacked is not the way Alicia Bryant wanted to start the new year. Unfortunately, that's exactly how 2014 started for her and her husband.

"I felt violated;" said Bryant, "I was pissed off; I was ill; I just went through a lot of emotions."

It is the second time thieves have made it inside her home in three attempts. The first was years ago, when the Bryant's were renting the home out and their toilets were taken from an otherwise empty home.

Last year someone tried to kick the door in, but the security system was tripped and the would-be looter took off before Alicia could get back to the house. She was just a few blocks away when it happened.

The most recent break-in happened over the New Year holiday. Alicia and her husband were out of town and returned Friday to find a broken bedroom window and many of their belongings missing.

The thieves ripped two alarm system displays completely off the wall. Despite motion sensors in the room, neither the police nor the homeowners were alerted.

Adding to Bryant's frustration was the response from Union City Police Department investigators, which did not live up to her expectations.

Whoever broke into her home and took her stuff left blood on doors and walls.

Bryant says, the police did not want to take any samples. Alicia says she was told they would not be able to match the blood to anyone in the police database if it was juveniles who committed the crime.

Then, hours after she reported it missing, Bryant found her own car parked just outside her neighborhood. It was less than a mile away.

Police say, in their defense, there is no way to know how long it had been sitting there before Bryant found it.

Then there are the potential witnesses to the crime itself.

A neighbor, Marilyn Maddox, claims her son may have been approached by the thieves in the early morning hours Friday.

"They were saying to my son, 'would you like to purchase a big huge TV?' and when he entered the house I said, 'no, I don't buy stolen goods, under no circumstances'," said Maddox.

When asked why she did not just call the police when something illegal was happening right outside her front door, she told us she didn't think the police would come, and made it clear that she didn't want to get involved.

It was a disappointing response for Bryant to hear. "If it's not happening to them, they don't want to get involved," said Bryant, "but [they] could be next."

Union City Police say, even without the blood left behind at the scene, they have been able to collect evidence that may lead them to a suspect.

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