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Stranded airline passengers sleeping wherever they can

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Airline passengers - stranded because of the winter blast that's affecting much of the nation - are sleeping wherever they can at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Some tried to catch a few Zs in shoe shine chairs before they were run off by the shoe shine guy. Others slept on benches, chairs and the floor, using their luggage as pillows.

Flights have been canceled all across the country because of snow, subfreezing temperatures and wind chills.

"We're back here at zero," said Bonita Monteiro. She told CBS Atlanta News that she and her family have been trying since Jan. 2 to get from Kansas back home to Connecticut. They've had three flights canceled, the last one because of an overworked pilot.

"With all the hours that they've been putting in trying to get everybody back home, he just logged too many," she said.

Helen and John Hovestol are missionaries who are trying to get from Chicago to Honduras. They found themselves stuck in Atlanta on Monday morning.

"We are now waiting for hopefully a flight that's going to get out later today, but I guess we'll see," said Helen Hovestol.

"We actually had tickets to come down here on an earlier flight, and they changed us to one that was supposed to come earlier," said John Hovestol. "Instead, it came four hours later. But that's OK. This will be fine."

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