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Healthcare workers warn about frostbite as temps drop

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With temperatures dipping over Monday and Tuesday healthcare workers are concerned about the possibility of people falling victim to frostbite.

Doctor Hany Atallah with Grady Memorial Hospital told CBS Atlanta News the number of frostbite patients coming to the emergency room tends to rise when temps dip into the teens and single digits.

"The risk of frostbite at 7 degrees, you can get frostbite in as little 15 minutes at that temperature, if your skin is unprotected. So, it is a very real risk," said Atallah.

It's no surprise the chief of emergency medicine has treated a number of frostbite victims over the years.

"Your skin will tend to look a little whitish and it will start to feel a little bit numb as well," said Atallah.

Dr. Atallah said there are things you can do to keep from becoming a victim of frostbite if you have to be outside you should protect your extremities.

"The hands or the feet in particular can be at risk. It pays to be very careful with these. We almost treat it like a burn because it's really the tissue slough off. The question is what is the deeper tissue like?" said Atallah. 

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