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Selling online and protecting yourself

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Yes, you can make a pretty darn good profit selling items online. I know for a fact because I did it for supplementary income while I was in college. Just because it is convenient, does not mean it is always safe. These are ways you can protect yourself and your wallet:

  • Be safe if you are meeting in person. The safest route is to have another adult with you. Meet in a public place, like a supermarket parking lot. There are cameras there and the thieves know it.

  • Forgo accepting personal checks. Instead, request being paid online via PayPal. Another good option is cashier's check. Those are best for transactions $100 or more.

  • Never give out personal information. This one is obvious but a good reminder. What you should do is give your cell number instead of your land line. That way, the number cannot be traced back to your home address.

  • Prior to shipping, take detailed pictures and note any identifying marks. Include tracking that requires a signature upon delivery. That way, you are protected if someone claims it was never received or was "damaged."

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