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Georgia scholarship lists

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Sorry to burst your bubble; but attending college is not getting any cheaper. Your high schooler needs to get a head start now to score some awesome scholarships later down the road.


  • Volunteer service. Document it! Encourage your high schooler to do as much as possible and to track it by the hour.

  • Build an activity resume. Keep track of academic, sports, and church memberships.

  • Keep an eye on deadlines. Your high schooler can begin applying for scholarships late in their junior year.

  • Take time to search out the good scholarships. Honestly, all of them are good but some will be better than others. Cater to your child's interests.

  • School counseling website. That is a great resource for local scholarships. Do not forget to check with friends, business contacts, and colleges of choice for those availabilities.


Here are some links to Georgia scholarships: