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Fulton Co. students back home; superintendent addresses criticism

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As of late Wednesday, all Fulton Count students were home from Tuesday's school day.

High school sophomore Natalia Mayo was one of the last to make it home. She arrived at 4:20 p.m. on Wednesday.

She attends a Fulton County school, North Springs Charter School in Sandy Springs, and lives in the southwestern part of the county.

When the bad weather prompted the school system to dismiss students early on Tuesday, the traffic meant some buses could not get to the school to pick up students.

"We slept on mats. They split girls and boys. They fed us dinner, breakfast and lunch today," said Mayo.

Her father, Jonathan Mayo, was in the car 14 hours trying to get home from work. His wife never made it and slept at a Race Trac gas station.

"As a dad, I couldn't get my daughter," said Jonathan Mayo. "The disappointment was in the leadership of our state. We should have been able to shut the schools down. We had no emergency plan. It was chaotic."

Family friend Daniel Banks tried to help them. "The superintendent needs to pay for this. He needs to answer. Everybody knew this weather was coming," said Banks.

Robert Avossa, superintendent of Fulton Count Schools, said he understands the frustration.

"It's been a hue nightmare for many families and I apologize for that," said Avossa. "The truth is we used the best information we had at the time we had it."

Fulton County schools are closed Thursday, citing unsafe travel resulting from severe weather.

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