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Side streets still icy in metro Atlanta

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Two days after the snow event that shut down metro Atlanta, the main roads might be in good shape. But some side streets remained dangerously icy.

Sheets of ice remained on the streets, especially in shady areas that hadn't been exposed to the warmth of the sun.

"You think, ‘Oh everything's fine,' and all of the sudden you hit a big patch of ice," said Jay Hammer, a chiropractor whose practice is in Midtown.

"I almost busted it myself like three times already just walking up this hill," said Ivan Adams, a Midtown resident who still wasn't able to move his car Thursday morning. "I'm on my way out of town, so I was supposed to be taking it to the train station right now, but the buses aren't running either, so I have to walk."

But walking on the ice isn't exactly ideal either. College student Tre Williams almost found himself in a predicament.

"As I was walking down the street to get a coffee, I saw a dog off the leash, and it kind of scared me because I don't know what the dog's capable of," said Williams. "So I walked back slowly and almost slipped."

Williams is glad he kept his balance. He got away safely.

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