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Newly-released 911 calls show frustration, fear during last week's ice storm

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Newly-released 911 calls from last week's snowstorm in Atlanta show how it caught drivers off-guard.

Atlanta emergency officials just released some of the calls from the storm.

Of course, we're on the other side of that storm now, safe and sound.

But at the time it was surprising, and frightening, for many people on the roads in and around Atlanta.

We all know by now the two inches or so of snow that fell here in the Atlanta area last  Tuesday iced over quickly, causing major gridlock everywhere, stranding drivers in their cars for hours.

But it took a while before many people realized what was happening, and what that meant. There was no where to go.

Here, the driver of a semi stuck on a hill called 911 desperate for help:

Caller: "My truck won't make it up the hill, and it's sliding back ma'am."

911: "We're gonna get someone out to you, OK?"

Caller: "OK, ma'am. Hurry up."

911: "OK. Are you OK?"

Caller: "I'm panicking."

911: "OK, don't panic.  Just try to calm down."

Caller: "Please, please, please, please!"

The state's insurance commissioner says claims for damaged homes and vehicles just from last Tuesday's storm are now an estimated $10 million, and expected to keep climbing.

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