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Bed bugs invade Forest Park senior housing center

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Bed bugs crawling on mattress Bed bugs crawling on mattress

You've heard the saying 'don't let the bed bugs bite,' but that's exactly what happened to a group of senior citizens in metro Atlanta. The tiny blood suckers have infested some apartments in Clayton County and are bugging the seniors living there.

They may be little, but they've become a big problem for 75-year-old Shirley McCoy.

"These bed bugs suck the blood out of you. They're like little vampires," McCoy said.

She's literally living out of a bag and sleeping on her couch.

"You think I'm going to sleep with them bugs? Ain't no way," McCoy said.

That's because her mattress became infested with bed bugs.

"I saw them around the head of my bed where I sleep on my left side and I had been noticing little bites behind my ears," McCoy said.

McCoy isn't the only one that let the bed bugs bite. She said some of her neighbors were also bugged at Governor's Terrace elderly housing in Forest Park.

"I don't want to be bugged by bugs and the sooner we can get rid of them the better," Tenant Jim Strauchman said.

Management threatened CBS Atlanta News when we questioned them about the problem.

The assistant manager even called the police on us and they were surprised when police asked us if we wanted to press charges. We did not.

CBS Atlanta News did contact the regional property manager, Kay Davis, with Mansermar, Inc. She hired a K-9 service to sniff out the bed bugs and invited us back to the property to see it.

"We will go and finish the work with the dogs and if there's any apartments that we need to address we certainly will," Davis said.

Davis said the bugs were found in only a handful of rooms, and when they became aware of the problem they took immediate action by increasing pest control treatment.

When asked if management would replace infested furniture that had to be tossed out, they said no.

"When you say are we providing new furniture for them, no sir we are not, but there are services in the area that if there are a need we can refer them to," Davis said.

For now, McCoy will continue to sleep on her couch until she can afford to buy another mattress.

"I want to see this place cleaned up. I want to see these bugs to be gone," McCoy said.

The property manager told CBS Atlanta News that the bed bugs have been isolated to just one apartment and that they will continue to treat them until they're eliminated.

Possibly the best way to get rid of bed bugs is either with a liquid treatment or heat. Industrial heaters with temperatures above 120-degrees Fahrenheit should kill bed bugs and their eggs in about six hours. As for clothes, you can put them in the dryer to kill the bugs. For more information contact your pest control service.

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