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Commercial trucks sitting idle after winter storm, cargo not ready to haul

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Hundreds of empty commercial trucks are parked around Atlanta; their drivers waiting not for the roads to clear of ice and snow, but for cargo unprepared due to a severe ice storm that crippled the metro area this week.

Truck drivers, like the employees of the businesses whose goods they are waiting to haul, stayed off the roads during the storm.

Georgia's Gov. Nathan Deal asked the big rigs to stay outside what is called the perimeter of Atlanta, with interstate 285 acting as that border.

Most trucks complied, many even stayed off of that particular interstate.

Some say it was because they did not have chains and did not want to risk getting hit with a $1,000 fine.

Others say they were warned as far north as Kentucky that Atlanta roads had been shut down.

Whatever the reason, professional truck drivers stayed away from Atlanta until the storm was over.

While that caused less chaos on the roads, the drivers and the companies they work for are still losing money.

Because many businesses were closed, no one prepared the pallets of merchandise the 18-wheelers are here to pick up.

On top of that, drivers were delayed when people took Friday off instead of heading back to work after the storm.

With few to no one to unload the goods they brought, drivers were forced to wait sometimes hours longer than they normally would have.

Some carriers lost jobs because of it.

"I just had a load a few minutes ago that I was supposed to pick up and the brokers basically called me and told me it was canceled," said Jerry Kloczkowski.

Kloczkowski has friends who were stuck in the gridlock that clogged Metro Atlanta roads a few weeks ago.

He's thankful he did not have to go through that this time, but frustrated that he is losing money.

Other drivers, like north Jersey native Tyrone Bailey share his frustration.

"This was an ice storm for Georgia, but for us this was nothing," said Bailey.

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