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Your Facebook comments on Friday night's earthquake

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An earthquake shook Georgia and South Carolina late Friday night, startling thousands of people.

Listed below are some of the Facebook comments you have shared with us about your earthquake experience.

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Aimee Nelson Ransom
"Hoschton, GA here - at first it sounded like our roof was coming off, then realized the walls were swaying - ceiling fan was too! My Dad in Charlotte, NC felt it as well."

Jennifer Johnson Henderson
"We felt it here in Canton, husband ask me what the heck was our son doing, we thought he was horse playing around, which he was actually in shook our house....I use to live in California, lived through a few earthquakes, I don't want no part of them, tornados are bad enough...."

Donna L Frey Barnett
"I'm in Senoia, GA Coweta County! I was on my recliner couch and it shook around and my china cabinet glass rattled and i could see the house shake! Scared me! I thought a tree or a car hit the house but didnt hear anything. Lasted about 30-45 seconds!"

Frank Maleia Lloyd
"We are in Lilburn Ga near Stone Mtn and my daughter was in her room with her boys abt 10:20 or so and she came running downstairs to let me know she felt something. We turned on the TV and there was breaking news..a 4.4 earthquake had occurred in SC. We later heard it had been downgraded to a 4.1. It was the real thing. No doubt about it! Very strange feeling she said."

Joan Reese Taylor
"Felt it in Watkinsville, GA! One of the strangest feelings I have experienced. Husband and I were watching Olympics and felt our couch and chair shaking and heard the rumbling. Small picture frame fell over."

Kimberly Diaz
"Felt it in Lawrenceville, was more like a quick jolt..happened really fast."

Marnie Dwiggins Witters
"Felt it in Dacula! Drawers, bed, house shook!"

Yvonne Brown
"I felt it the whole house shook!!! Athens, Georgia"

Michelle Robinson
"Ha ha ha. I'm from Cali. 4.4 ain't nothing! Lol. Please! Lol"

Joshua Dyer
"Shook the house hard 10 mi south of Blairsville. Made the dogs throw up. At first I thought a tree might have fallen on the house. No damage, but some furniture moved about an inch or two out of place."

Christina LaBree
"My parents and friends live in Augusta and said they felt it. The building they were in shook like a train just went by it."

Robert Champion
"I'm in Acworth and I felt it."

Claudette Zauche
"I felt it in Big Canoe in Marble Hill. I was in bed reading and felt the bed moving. It was totally a freaky feeling."

Ellen Jane Sheridan
"Felt it in Big Canoe - a slight rumbling. My husband felt it also, but he said it must have been a low flying helicopter from the Ranger School. I told him it felt like an earthquake and he laughed!"

Barbara Davenport Durrance
"Yes my niece in S C close to Augusta"

Lisa Murphy Ellsworth
"Thomson Ga.. !!! McDuffie County"

April Bonner Swader
"felt it at Lake Sinclair"

Dexter Porter
"Last time we had a very big earthquake in the southern USA the Mississippi River ran backwards. 'Go on, look it up Feb. 7, 1812 Mississippi River ran backwards'"

Susan Brooks
"My son is at Ft Gordon! I'm sure they felt it!"

Ed Laughlin
"I felt it in Lawrenceville, my floor shook, it's a concrete slab, and my house creaked. At first I thought I was imagining the floor shaking and the creaking I thought might have been a gust of wind but no gusts at the time. Was interesting!"

Connie Bridges Mallard
"I was talking with my husband who is in Augusta working for Ga Power to get the power restored. He suddenly commented about an airplane flying low (I could hear it over the phone) and then about 10 seconds later I felt the "wave" in Athens! I said 'hon, that was no airplane! That was an earthquake!'"

Henry Martin
"My sister lives about 20 mins from there. She said her house shook like hell.. She had just got power back on after 3 days and then this happened."

Wendy Kastner Borthwick
"Felt it in Fayetteville, loud noise on back of house..This felt like the quake in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 90's.."

Kandi Martinez Tobin
"Someone in my subdivision did feel it. So guess so for South Lawrenceville."

Brenda Ray Bullard
"I think I felt it last night it lasted no more than maybe five to seven seconds I was sitting on the couch and I felt the couch shake and this was around 10:30pm."

Mitzi Holmes Branham
"Felt it very strongly in Columbia, SC!"

Sherry Chetakian
"Felt it in Flowery Branch."

Stephanie Sorensen
"Didn't notice it in Peachtree Corners, GA."

Richie Sosebee
"Dahlonega ga"

Pamela Kridel
"I thought it was my house settling, but alas an earthquake. Yes I did feel it!"

Jack Struble
"My cousin in Lake Wylie felt it."

Christi Wyatt Alexander
"Felt it in Canton, GA."

Richard Bo
"We felt the earthquake last night in Dallas (Paulding County). It was raining at the time, and I thought I heard thunder. Then a few seconds later the house started shaking. Unsure if the sound I heard had anything to do with the quake but the shaking only lasted about 15 seconds. Still was a scary feeling!"

Cedric Caldwell
"Felt it in Buford, GA"

Debbie Pelfrey
"I felt it in Lexington Georgia!! I heard a rumble sound first then floor started shaking while I was standing! I didn't know what was going on at first!! Things on my shelves rattled n moved to the edge! And I held onto my Bed it felt like the floor was going to fall in!!!!!!!"

Sue Johnson
"Felt in Woodstock."

Stephanie Mullens
"Felt it here in Evans GA!"

Evelyn J. Rollie
"I may have felt early tremors at work around 2:30p.m. in East Point GA."

Nikki Shareef-Davis
"We felt it in stone mountain GA!!"

Rusty Edwards
"I feel the earth move every time Jocelyn Connell is anchoring. She is THE best!!"

Sandy Bathe
"I felt the quake!!! Scared me half to death since I couldn't figure out what was happening to the house. Never dreamed it would be an earthquake. Lived in Cali for 1.5 yrs so I knew how they felt...... Nothing like this one; left me with my heart pounding for a while!!!"

Angela Ayala
"My bed and glasses on night stand was shaking , I thought my (healthy kids) was running around  but they wasn't we felt it ! ....Lithonia, Ga"

Max Conner
"Felt it in Winder"

Connie Causey Rose
"I am located in Woodstock GA did not feel anything I must have been sleeping. Word to the wise I put earthquake on my homeowners policy years ago. I saw a trend across the country and figured the unthinkable might become the norm..we are on a fault line. I worked in the insurance trades for years and now I recruit for insurance business. Go ahead and laugh but better safe than sorry"

David Wakefield
"it moved a chair in my living room ..chair is on wheels and i have hardwood floors ...but i thought it was thunder or a train going by"

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