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Man found guilty in death of Usher's stepson

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Jeffery Hubbard Jeffery Hubbard

The man accused of causing the death of an 11-year-old Kile Glover and severely injuring another child on Lake Lanier has been found guilty on all five counts.

Kile is the son of Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster.

"You know there is no good outcome either way. If he's found guilty. If he's found innocent it won't bring my son back," said Foster.

The defendant, Jeff Hubbard was a family friend.

"It's just hard because I know that he cared about Kile, and Kile liked him as well," said Foster.

Kile and the other child were being pulled on a tube behind a pontoon boat on Lake Lanier.

Hall County prosecutor Wanda Vance said Hubbard was on a personal watercraft trying to splash the people on the boat when he collided with the children in July 2012.

"He's not a bad man, there's no evidence of that, but he's the sole reason those two children were affected and Kile is gone forever," Vance said.

Vance was very emotional during her closing arguments. She even made five of the jurors cry.

"Because solely of his [Hubbard] actions, solely of his actions, that boy will never be held again," said Vance.

Jeff Talley, Hubbard's attorney, told jurors the incident was nothing more than an accident. He blamed Kile's father, Ryan Glover, for not steering the pontoon out of Hubbard's way.

"There's no sympathy verdict. There's no emotional verdicts, I will remind you what the Supreme Court justice said," said Talley.

Foster was not on the lake when the incident happened. She believes it was an accident, but that Hubbard's actions were negligent.

"At the end of the day, I know he didn't do it on purpose. He could have only loved Kile. I hope to see that justice is served," said Foster.

After the judge excused jurors, Kile's stepmother, Marsha Glover made a statement for the judge to consider before she sentenced Hubbard.

"To this day, Jeff hasn't apologized to myself, to Kile's biological mom, to Jordan or to Ryan who was his friend who did everything to help him," said Marsha Glover.

Marsha Glover told the judge her family is disappointed with Hubbard.

"We don't hate Jeff. We never did, Jeff knows that. We forgave Jeff, my husband did on the lake, that's why it's appalling to me that the defense would blame my husband," said Marsha Glover.

Hubbard was charged with homicide by vessel, serious injury by vessel, reckless operation of a vessel and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft and boat traffic violation.

Hubbard will be back in court on March 5 to find out his punishment.

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