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Groups protest Confederate flag on GA license plates

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Members of three local human rights groups held a protest Wednesday morning outside the South Cobb DMV tag office to try to convince people not to buy a newly-designed, specialty license plate that prominently features the Confederate battle emblem.

The state of Georgia made the license plate available Feb. 1.

"This is black history month, and I just feel this was a slap in the face," said Gerald Rose, leader of New Order National Human Rights Organization.

According to Ray McBerry, a spokesman for Sons of Confederate Veterans, the group has had a specialty license plate for more than a decade. The state recently asked the group to redesign its plate, McBerry said.

The previous design also featured the Confederate flag, but new design features one that covers the entire background of the license plate.

"That's a symbol of somebody who wants to remember African-Americans in chains," said Mark Bell, a New Order member.

"There is nothing evil or wicked about our organization or the love of our southern heritage," McBerry told CBS46 News.

"They fought a war for 4 years to try to uphold slavery. That's what that was. There's no heritage in that," said Bell.

Members of two other groups, National Action Network's Atlanta chapter and Simply United Together, also participated in the protest. Seven people altogether showed up, chanting slogans such as, "We're not divided," and "We want unity."

The protesters are planning another demonstration at the state capitol.

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