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DeKalb family kicked out of hotel after reporting bed bugs

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Richard Sloan said he is looking for divine intervention after he was asked to leave the Metro Extended Stay Hotel in the 5600 block of Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain. He said he's being kicked out because he told management about a bed bug infestation.

"They were a little bit smaller than roaches. I know bed bugs are small, but they were eating pretty good over there," said Sloan.

Sloan said the bugs attacked his girlfriend and his two kids, including a son who has special needs.

"The girl woke up at 3 a.m. and said 'I'm itching, I'm itching, I'm itching.' The boy woke up also and said 'Boy I'm itching, I'm itching, I'm itching,'" said Sloan.

Sloan said he thought management would take care of the problem once they were alerted. 

"They came and heat treated the room twice, but it didn't work and we still had the same bed and I didn't understand the situation," said Sloan.

Through his attorney, Sloan worked out an agreement with the hotel. Management returned half his money and promised to rid the place of bed bugs.

But he said that is not what happened.

"They came on Feb. 26 and they said they were going to move us to another room. The manager said since we are having a disagreement about the bed bugs or whatever, we are not going to accept your payment this month," Sloan said.

CBS 46 asked the manager about the situation. The manager, who didn't give her name, said the bed bugs were being addressed and room with the bed bugs was quarantined. She also said that Sloan was asked to leave because he was rude.

Sloan denies the allegation and is worried about what he will do next.

"My children go to school over here. How are we just going to up and leave in two days? Man that hurt," said Sloan.

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