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Robberies at commercial businesses in Cobb County pushing two per week

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Robberies of commercial businesses in Cobb County are on track to make this year another busy one for detectives.

After a dip in 2012, cases of commercial robberies have been on the rise and this year is starting off the same way.

In the last 60 days there have been 15 robberies of commercial businesses in Cobb County - that averages out to roughly three every two weeks.

One of those 15 businesses is La Tiendita, a Hispanic grocery store on Powder Springs Road, between Marietta and Powder Springs.

According to the clerk, Micaela Trejo, thieves waited until the store was empty. Three men entered the store, one stayed by the front door as a lookout, another checked the rest of the store for stragglers, and the third went to the checkout counter.

At the counter he motioned for a pack of smokes and when Trejo turned her back to grab one, the man pulled out a handgun and set it on the counter.

 As soon as she saw the gun, Trejo was scared. With two kids at home, she didn't want to get shot.

The man demanded the cash in the register, and she complied.

"When they told me about money, I say, 'OK, here's the money.' You know, 'the money is for you if you want it.' I just give it to him and 'please go.' And [I] thank god because he don't shoot me," said Trejo.

The traumatic experienced has changed her life. She no longer feels safe at work while alone.

"Now I can't stay like before because I'm afraid," said Trejo.

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