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More than 224,000 Georgians owed unclaimed property

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More than 224,000 people in Georgia have unclaimed property being held by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Could your name be on the list?

CBS46's Adam Murphy began asking the Department of Revenue about how they handle returning unclaimed property to the rightful owner a few months ago. At first, the department didn't want to share their list, or let us visit the vault. But we kept asking and learned they were legally bound to answer our questions. Once we got the list, we began calling individuals with the good news.

Doug Haaser got a nice surprise when CBS46 showed up at his front door in Alpharetta to tell him about $600 of unclaimed property being held in his name by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

"It's something you didn't know about, until we got a hold of you right?" Adam Murphy asked when Haaser answered the door.

"That's exactly true and it was kind of a surprise," said Haaser. "It's kind of like winning the lottery at that amount of money."

Haaser said the department's spokesperson told him the $600 comes from some old household services that he lost track of when he moved.

"She told me that there was over $500 from Comcast Cable and another $100 from United Parcel," said Haaser.

Haaser and his partner told CBS46 they plan to use their new found cash to pay off some bills.

"We were talking just before we got this call of how are we going to do the finances and what are we going to cut back on now this will go a long way to helping us out, " said Haaser.

In the pursuit of helping others out, CBS46 also found unclaimed property belonging to Lance Lourie of Atlanta.

"I think it was great that you all called me and I appreciate it," said Lourie.

Lourie said he found it hard to believe he was owed money; after all he's lived in the same home for more than 21 years and no one from the state ever told him about the unclaimed property.

"I don't think they looked for me," said Lourie laughing.

Lourie is getting back $138 of his own money, mostly from an old Comcast account, plus six shares of old stock.

"Well, I'm glad to get it back. It belongs to me and I'm certainly wanting these shares of stock back to see what they are," said Lourie.

While Lourie was searching for his unclaimed property he decided to type in some co-workers' names.

"You have unclaimed property with the State of Georgia," Lourie told co-worker Sue Protzman.

"You're kidding!" said Protzman.

"I looked up your name," said Lourie.

Sue Protzman typed in her information and learned she was owed $86.

Last, but not least, the Cabrera family got a big treat when we showed up at their home in Marietta.

"Are you excited about this money?" asked Adam Murphy as they opened their front door.

"Yes we are," said Migdalia Cabrera, laughing. "Thank you so much."

Cabrera told CBS46 the family was getting $954.06 of their own money back from the state.

"They come after you when you owe money," said Cabrera. "They don't wait, but we have to wait for our money from 2004!"

It turns out the family lost track of the money when they moved to a new home. It comes from old accounts with NCR Corporation, Wells Fargo and Comcast. The Cabreras plan to use it to pay off some medical bills from last year.

"No one ever calls you to tell you there's money out there for you so we're very grateful to CBS for contacting us and making that investigation known and more people should know about this," said Cabrera.

If you think you might be one of the 224,000 Georgians owed money by the state, here is the list. Once you find your name then go to the Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property website and just type in your name and city and click search.

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