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Homeless man and dog make trip home across country with help from 'angels'

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A homeless man's bond with man's best friend leads to opportunities he didn't know he had.

Thomas Robinson and his dog, Texas Red, spent years moving all around the country. Thanks to the help of others, they're back home in Evansville.

For three years, Thomas and Texas Red moved from state to state looking for food to eat and places to sleep.

He took what jobs he could and all the money he made was put toward Texas Red for food, vet care, baths, whatever he needed.

After making their way through 40 states, they ended up living near an interstate in Phoenix, Arizona. Some people in the area noticed them and decided to check and make sure they were okay.

Once they saw how much love and devotion Thomas put towards Red and also learned that Thomas just wanted to get back home to Indiana, they started a Facebook page 'Texas Red's Road Trip'.

Through the Facebook page, they started taking donations and raised enough money to get Thomas and Red a hotel for a few days.

"I wasn't used knowing people like that existed and cared enough to help," said Thomas.

With the help of more than 300 Facebook supporters, they had enough to get the pair a one-way plane ticket to send them home.

"Thomas has inspired us all," said Summer Williams. "He is the greatest man you could meet. He is so humble."

Currently Thomas and Red are staying with family while they look for a permanent home and a permanent job.

"I'm going to go ahead and sync my roots here and get on my feet and just remain here in Vanderburgh County," said Thomas.

Even though Thomas and Red are thousands of miles away from their 'Arizona Angels', their supporters are still trying to help them.

If you would like to help you can visit the 'Texas Red's Road Trip' Facebook page.

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