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Keep your passport safe

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Passports are not cheap, but you can save yourself about $110 and a lot of hassle just by keeping your current passport safe...

  • If you have to mail it, send it via registered mail with a return receipt so USPS keeps an extra eye on it, and you so you know when it arrives to its destination.
  • If you do not need it, do not take it with you. If you have another form of identification issued by the government, use that and do not carry your passport.
  • Store it in a place where it's concealed, like in a safe. Because your underwear drawer, organizer, or jewelry box are the places thieves will look.
  • Keep a photocopy because you will need it if you lose your passport. Place the copy in a safe just like you would with the original one.
  • Lost it? Report it immediately. You will need to monitor your bank account and credit to make sure you have not become a victim of identity theft.

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