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Family of woman who died in crash reacts to apology from General Motor's CEO

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It's been four years since Brooke Melton died in a car crash, and her parents say it feels like it happened yesterday.

"There is a huge hole in my heart and it is there, and will always be there," said Ken Melton, Brooke's father.

In March 2010, Brooke Melton's 2005 Chevy Colbalt skidded into another vehicle on Hwy 92 in Paulding County.

The police report said Brooke Melton lost control of her car in the rain. But an investigation revealed the ignition module on the Colbalt was defective, causing the vehicle to shut off.
That in turn cut power to the anti-lock brakes, airbags and power steering.

"Brooke had experienced an engine stalling incident the week before her crash and she had taken it into a local dealership, and told them about the problem. They gave her the car back saying they had fixed the problem when they in fact had not fixed the problem," said Lance Cooper, the Melton's attorney.

The next day Brooke Melton died in the crash. Ken Melton said General Motors knew about the defect, but valued their bottom line over his daughter's life.

"They made a business decision, their words not mine, to go ahead and let the car go on the market with this problem in there without a correction," said Ken Melton.

The Melton's sued and eventually settled with GM. Monday the CEO of the automaker apologized for the defects, but the Melton's said it's not enough.

"It is unbelievable that there were people that knew about it and did nothing to prevent people from having these accidents," said Beth Melton, Brooke's mother.

"When you'll never be able to talk with her again something inside you dies, and that can never be replaced," said Ken Melton.

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