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Shinola: Keeping it local from Detroit to Atlanta

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You've heard the concept: buy local and keep the money in your community. One small Decatur business is doing just that - twice over.

Decatur is known for it's unique stores and small business. The city's motto is 'Keep it Indie-catur.'

"The back bone of it is built on these local businesses," said Catherine Lee, Economic Development Director for Decatur. 

An Atlanta tradition for more than 20 years, Worthmore Jewelers has built up a loyal clientele in its court square location.

"This is old fashioned. It's the idea this is the way things used to be where you bought from somebody you knew. You developed trust," customer Micheal Giles said.

Giles has bought from owner Harris Botnick for a decade. So, when his wife wanted him to buy a new watch, her push wasn't just buy local, but buy American.

"This is a product that has a story," Botnick said.

Worthmore recently started carrying the perfect fit: Shinola watches from Detroit.

"The 'made in America' was a home run for us, but the quality of the watch is just fantastic. This watch has a screw down crown for water resistance, which you usually find on much higher end watches," Botnick said.

Every tick is a nod to a downtrodden city. The watchmaker set up shop in Detroit, to create jobs using the concept of cause-driven manufacturing. Each watch reads, "built in Detroit." each sale, another notch for American pride.

"They're not missing a touch on detail. They could go up against any of the finer Swiss watches out there," Botnick said.

Yet instead of being in the thousands, Shinola runs between $550 to the $900 range.

"They want to put this watch on a lot of people's wrists that understand their story that's going to help the brand grow, that's going to help America grow," Botnick said.

It's a shared business value that resonates with small businesses across the country.

"The benefits of not only buying local, shopping local, supporting U.S. made companies are endless," Botnick said.

Lee puts it in perspective.

"The stats are that every dollar you spend locally, 68 cents of that dollar goes back into the community which is huge. So a company like Shinola, even if it's not in Decatur, matches the sensibility of everyone who's coming downtown," Lee said.

"Here we've got a company situated in Detroit, building fine piece of jewelry, and its simply exquisite manufacturing, and they've got local employees and they send it to this store who has local employees and a local owner, so I get to sort of do double local," Giles said.

Worthmore is the only small business in metro Atlanta that carries Shinola. The price is the same whether you buy the watch online, at a big box or a small business. Click here for more on the Shinola story.

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