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Internal Review: Did investigator go home while on duty?

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We've learned a Cleveland Crime Scene Unit Investigator is suspected of going home on the job, and going to a home not even in the city.

This comes after another Cleveland officer just got indicted for doing the same thing.

The new case surrounds a veteran Cleveland crime scene technician, the officer was even involved at the scene of serial killer Anthony Sowell.

The investigation is focusing on whether the officer went home to a suburb while on duty, home for hours, and home on the job repeatedly.

Just weeks ago, we saw a Cleveland Police boss indicted for theft in office. He'd been caught going home across town while on duty and doing it on a regular basis. Criminal charges came for that after a 19 Action News Carl Monday investigation.

This new investigation is just beginning. It is likely to involve a review of tracking records for Cleveland police cars.

The Cleveland Crime Scene Unit is often so busy, we've heard complaints from victims about waiting hours for investigators.

We tried reaching the officer in question. No luck. The chief's office says, "Information and details regarding open internal affairs investigations cannot be provided."

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