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Mysterious paralysis baffles doctors, family seeks answers

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Ronald and Lynette Carson Ronald and Lynette Carson

Ronald Carson was less than a month away from retirement after more than 30 years at Cleveland Public Power when his mystery illness struck.

He had always been healthy and then he lost feeling in his legs and feet.

"It went from one extreme to the next just like that. I woke up the next day and I couldn't move anything. I couldn't feel anything or move anything. That was the most devastating thing I ever experienced in my life," says Carson. 

He's been confined to a wheelchair since November 2012.  Carson has seen scores of doctors and they've ruled out many things.

"Sarcoidosis. M. S., Guillian-Barre," says Carson's wife, Lynette. 

But no one has diagnosed his illness.

"At first, I thought well they're going to be able to give him a shot or give him some medicine or something to make this all better but uh uh," said Lynette Carson. 

"I was a strong, healthy person. Bam. This happened to me. Why did it happen? I don't understand it," said Carson. 

Ron can't get to bathroom to shower now, so Lynette has to give her husband a sponge bath every day, and he sleeps on a bed in the living room.

As the Carson's search for answers, their medical bills have piled up, literally.

"They're overwhelming. Even with the insurance. Our portion, I quit counting at $106,000. I just stopped counting," says Mrs. Carson. 

Ron has been to neurologists, pathologists and many other experts here in Cleveland. It's been 16 months and still no answers. 

An expert at Johns Hopkins in Maryland has offered to examine him, but the problem is transporting him there and covering the costs.

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