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What not to buy at the dollar store

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Sometimes buying certain products from the dollar store in a pinch is a good idea for the moment. But there are some items you will want to avoid picking up at such a cheap price...

  • Electric cords and other electric devices. Most dollar stores do not have a great track record of quality control; to it's easier for faulty power strips and extension cords to end up on the shelves.
  • Kitchen knives. These can be flimsy and dull, which is bad when you are trying to cut your food and end up cutting your finger instead.
  • Canned and boxed food. Believe it or not, you can find most of them on sale at your typical grocery store for a lot less. Walmart wins the price war on this one.
  • Batteries. After many tests, dollar store batteries contain a lot less energy than name brand; and the voltage drops off quickly.

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