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Chesterfield mom charged after child spotted on roof

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A Chesterfield mother-of-three is in jail, after her child was spotted on the roof of her house. Christina Christodoulou, 29, is facing child abuse and neglect charges.

Her family acknowledges the five-year-old girl was able to make her way out of an upstairs window, and on to the roof of a porch below. Thankfully, the child was spared from what could have been a tragic accident. However, her mother is facing intense consequences.

Christodoulou was in the bathroom last Friday afternoon, according to police, at her home on the 3,000 block of Battlebridge Drive. Meantime, her daughter maneuvered on to the roof of the back porch. Christodoulou's mother says the window was locked, and the child somehow was able to open it, anyway. The mother asked that her identity be kept concealed. She says a maintenance worker called police, but didn't knock on their door.

Christodoulou's mother says the entire situation was an accident, and the family is taking the situation very seriously. They are extremely thankful that the girl wasn't hurt.

Even still, many parents would agree that one can never be too careful when it comes to overseeing children.

"You got to make sure they can't get to windows. You got to make sure they're safe, whenever you leave them in the room," said father Corey Greene, who currently has a three-year-old daughter.

The grandmother says that even before this incident, she and her daughter put boards along the porch to make sure the children can't get out.

"I think that's kind of tough. You turn your back for a second, and kids get into stuff," sympathized neighbor Fakhir Osborne.

Court records show Christina Christodoulou has faced a judge before. She's currently due in court for several unrelated charges.

Christodoulou's mother says she and her daughter deeply care for the children. She's now taking care of her grandchildren while her daughter remains in jail.

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