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Avoid click bait scams

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Scammers are trying to get all your personal information online; and they are taking advantage of your curiosity about Malaysia flight 370 to do it.

It is called a click bait scam. You are on Facebook and you see a post that pops up about the missing flight being found. It claims there is video. If you click that link, there is a chance you will be taken to a third party website that asks you to update a video player.

Do not follow through because it is a scam that will download malware onto your computer. The Better Business Bureau says this is how you protect yourself from these click bait scams...

  • Stay away from promotions of "shocking," "exclusive," or "sensational" footage.
  • Hover over a link to discover its true destination.
  • Do not "like" or "share" these types of posts.
  • Report these scams to Facebook or Twitter.

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