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Judge postpones APS cheating trial due to Dr. Beverly Hall's health

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Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter postponed the trial against former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall and 12 other former APS educators charged with cheating on standardized tests.

Baxter made the decision during a hearing on Monday. The doctor who is treating Hall took the witness stand and told the judge Hall's cancer, which started in her breast in 2011, has now spread to her liver and bones.

Dr. Laura Weakland said Hall will start chemotherapy treatment next Tuesday. She said it will take from six to eight months before Hall may be ready to participate in a trial.

Prosecutors put Dr. James Stark on the witness stand as a medical expert. Stark is a retired oncologist who lives in Virginia.

"If she were my patient I'm not sure I would treat her at all anymore," said Stark. "This idea of giving someone this ill more chemo is fraught with difficulty."

Stark said Hall can help her attorneys defend her. He said the trial should happen sooner than later.

"Data-driven thinking would tell me that Dr. Hall could be dead in six to eight months. More than likely or not she will be dead in a year," said Stark.

Before the hearing ended, Ambassador Andrew Young spoke out in court. Baxter stopped short of kicking him out.

"It would be merciful of the court, these prosecutors - this whole city if this trial never took place," said Young. "The state has done everything it could to wreck a good school system."

Baxter allowed Young to speak then he postponed the trial for Hall and the 12 other APS educators until August.

Hall will be in court Friday for another hearing.

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