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Flooding forces Phenix City family out of home

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Several inches of rain wreaked havoc in some areas causing flash flooding and landslides.

Places in Columbus that are normally prone to flooding saw water levels rise to destructive levels at the height of the pouring down rain.  

Steven Fullerton said Whitewater rafters could have easily taken a break from the Chattahooche and gone for a ride through his backyard to Billings Road this morning.

"There's over 12 million gallons of water every minute that flow through here, and if you step in the water, it will suck you in like the tide and just pull you into it," said Fullerton, "all of this is under water, and it happens every time it rains.   So you can figure the water has risen five to six feet right here in this area because so much water is coming into it.   And then it floods out the road we're standing on, and neighbors can't get to their houses."

In Phenix City, authorities distributed sandbags to residents on Lee Road 2099. Stacey Chambers discovered for the first time what her neighbors have been warning her about.

"I've heard about it.   We've only been here since about the middle of December, we've been told about it, but we saw it today.   I'm just speechless about it. It was crazy," said Chambers. 

A short distance away, Lee Road 500 was closed where it meets Mimosa. The water has receded from its highest levels, but Stacy Sims said the edge of the reservoir is normally seven feet further away.

"The water was so far over, you couldn't even see the grass under the guard rail," said Sims.

The family who lives in the house at the lowest point on the street has to temporarily stay somewhere else until the damage is repaired.   A neighbor said the backyard has been eroding steadily but now it's reached a dangerous level.

"Today, this has gotten worse.   I mean, the fence wasn't even down, I'd say a couple weeks ago, and it's gotten real bad," said Jeffery Black.

The family dog is safe after being rescued from inside the flooded house.  Authorities told the family they have to stay away for their own safety.

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