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Some golfers turn to technology to improve their game

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Golfers are always looking for a way to perfect their swing, to hit longer and more accurately. There's a newer tool many younger golfers and their coaches are turning to, and it involves some sports science.

Some players at The Masters use what called a 3D golf analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses - players like Yellow Jacket Roberto Castro. Those working on making it to The Masters lineup use the technology too.

Professional golfer Casey Wittenberg constantly works to improve his game.

"For me I like the physical aspect of it. I like the technical aspect," Wittenberg said.

Training goes well beyond shots on the golf course. It involves exercise and physical therapy. What shows up on the green begins in a room at Fusion Atlanta, with 3D analysis. 

"We capture what they're doing, work with them and then we can see the progression or regression," Director of Golf Jon Tattersall said.

Tattersall works with Wittenberg and his swing coach Adam Shriber.

"This room gives us the prognosis. It tells us where he's falling down, where he's leaking power, where he's potentially hurting himself," Shriber said.

Flip on a light in the room and the red color lets you know the 3D cameras are recording. They pick up the reflector markers on Wittenberg and the club. That makes a 3D model on the screen to see where and how the body moves.

"This system measures exactly what it's doing and it's measuring the same time after time after time," Tattersall said.

The data captures what Wittenberg's doing when he's playing well, or what changed in his swing that needs to be addressed.

"We can take that data and go wow, you do these five exercises, you can't do them with that movement that we don't like, so what's that feel like to you and how do we translate that to the golf swing?" Shriber explained.

From there, that allows the coaches to make adjustments. Wittenberg knows having a quality, balanced swing is critical for longevity in the game and finding success.

"The great thing about coming in on 3D is you can go through as a player, all your own feelings, and then see what the instant data is to see if you're getting the results you want to get moving forward," Wittenberg said.

Shriber believes the data, and what coaches do with it, can help make a good player great.

"For me it's imperative. I won't help a player without this knowledge. Otherwise I'm guessing. I think I guess pretty good, but I'd rather not guess," Shriber said.

The same technology is used in movies The Lord of the Rings and The Polar Express. To learn more about the 3D analysis, click here.

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