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Former employees file racial discrimination lawsuit against drive-in theater

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Two former employees at the Starlight Drive-In in DeKalb County have accused the general manager of racism.

"I have dealt with racism before. I have lived in New York and Detroit but nothing as blatant as this has happened to me," said Candace Woodall.

Woodall and Keziah Harmon said over a seven-day period earlier this year, the general manager at the drive-in fired every employee of color.

"I think there was about eight of us and I think after I got fired it was zero," said Harmon.

Harmon said she and the rest of her co-workers were terminated for no reason. And she said if there was any doubt they were fired because of their race, it went away when the general manager hired a new staff.

"He replaced all of the employees with European employees," said Harmon.

"Unfounded, completely unfounded," said Nick Garrett, the Starlight Drive-In general manager.

CBS 46 spoke to Garrett on the phone.

"It has been a huge turnover here and it had nothing to do with race in any way. Absolutely not," said Garrett.

Harmon and Woodall filed a lawsuit against the drive-in.

"It is extremely unlikely in a situation like this that you have every one of the employees of color fired, employees that have been there for years working for this company. When you eliminate everyone of color in one week and then replace all those employees with Caucasian employees, it just doesn't add up," said Abigail Larimer, the plaintiff's attorney.

"It has nothing to do with anything other than with the fact that those two were not performing their jobs the way they were expected to," said Garrett.

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