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Marietta couple fights school over CRCT testing

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A Marietta couple locked horns with school officials after refusing to let their two children take the CRCT, a standardized test given in certain grades at the end of the school year.

Jack Finney, a third grader and his sister Macy who is in fifth grade attend West Side Elementary School.

Their mother told CBS46 that her children become very stressed out during the testing so after careful thought, this year she has refused to have them take the CRCT.

"The stress, the missing their sleep, the crying late at night if I fail this test I'm not going to make it to the next grade," said Mary Finney. "They're not adults going to law school, they're not doctors. These are children."

State law requires students to take the CRCT or risk not being promoted to the next grade. Finney said her children are good students and have always passed the test. However, she said she does not believe the test accurately measures a child's progress.

"The CRCT, there is no review with the students. There is no review with the parents," said Finney. "It is sent off and that's it. We're only notified of the score."

Finney said at first, the school refused to let her children into the building after testing was completed and even called a police officer.

"If we refuse the testing, we were considered trespassing on school property," said Finney. "We said, but we have the right to refuse."

The children were eventually allowed to attend classes and in an e-mail to CBS46, the district said the issue has been resolved.

State law calls for a placement committee to decide if the Finney's children are eligible to move to the next grade in the fall.

"How much more as parents do we take?" asked Finney. "At what point do you say 'enough is enough' and we finally got to the point of enough is enough."

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